Our Bridge

SplashTen Square provides global sourcing and trade development services. We market, sell, and service agricultural and industrial equipment in China. Ten Square sources zinc die castings, ductile iron castings, and investment castings. We provide forging services and other components for original equipment manufacturers in the United States.

Ten Square's mission statement: "Helping our clients succeed by connecting international markets, bridging cultures, and making opportunities become reality" describes its core belief that every culture and nation has competitive advantages and unique abilities. Our vision is to harness the best of cultures and markets around the world. How can we help you succeed?

Here are a few examples of how Ten Square has helped companies succeed:

  • In 2004, Ten Square helped China petroleum giant Sinopec succeed in a record under river crossing of the Yangtze River. The industrial equipment used was a large directional drill, as well as drilling components provided by Houston-based Sharewell.
  • Another example of utilizing industrial equipment in China was when the Sihe mine in Shanxi Province succeeded in using a McElroy 1648 to fuse large diameter polyethylene pipe in order to drain methane gas from a coal mine and use it to generate electricity.
  • An Iowa agriculture equipment manufacturer was successful in sourcing an intricate investment casting from Ten Square China and subsequently saved money and reduced warranty claims.
  • A major hydraulic component supplier has been purchasing high quality machined zinc die castings procured from Ten Square China since 2005.
  • Growers of edible beans in northeast China were looking for a better way to harvest their product and reduce cracking and damage common with conventional soybean combines. Ten Square introduced the Pickett Double Master combine to China to solve this problem.
  • The introduction of Monosem planters in China has yielded increases due to proper depth control and precise spacing.
  • When a multi-national company with operations in northeast China approached Ten Square with needs to procure 1000 meters of 30 inch ventilation pipe in August of 2008, we delivered the entire order by the first week of October.

We are proud of our people's resourcefulness. Whether it is reloading a software program into a directional drill control module, or crawling under a sugar beet harvester at night with a cell phone for a flashlight, they get the job done. We like to say "we have the guys with wrenches".

So whether your need is to sell agricultural equipment in China, industrial equipment in China, find forging services, zinc die castings or other components in China as part of a global sourcing strategy, let us help your opportunity become a reality.